Cowardice Extrordinaire,Spineless Milne..

I have always been of the opinion that if you want something done right;

‘Do It Yourself’

Stewart Milne has just proven that to be true,again.

IF We,All Fitba Fans in Scotland,wait for he clubs or the Establishment to strip these titles and rectify the record books appropriately,well,We will wait a very long time indeed.In fact,the more probable outcome is;it NEVER gets done.

Fitba fans now have to UNITE for Justice,clear that cespitt the SFA and the SPFL while we’re at it.As for UEFA interceding.IT WILL NEVER HAPPEN.Mainly due to the fact that they are still as corrupt  as they ever were.As for their new ‘UEFA Integrity App’ well that’s a total contradiction in terms.

Scotland is rife with corruption and stands NO chance of change with the way it stands at present.

All We have is each other,so let’s get this done once and for All.Our Beautiful Game NEEDS Us.

John James BS.

I see Mr.JJ has a new talent;’It was an affront to the majority of Celtic supporters who are growing tired of The Green Brigade’s antics’

So,we can add that to his many,many talents;that of mass mind reading.His other talents are way too numerous to mention,let’s just say you need to pay for the ‘privilege’ to comment on his site.Wow!!! He knows what he can do with that💩.So his ego and the Great Wall Of China are now totally visible from outer-space,that’s if you can see past his ever largening gigantic head.Tosser.

His new book…

‘JJ,The Man,His Copy and Paste Skills,and the right to SPONGE money from his site visitors’

Coming soon,to a toilet near you.